Sun and Surf Circuit

We had an INCREDIBLE show at the Sun And Surf Circuit! We are so proud of our horses and clients.
Shameless Invitation and Libby Hayden earned Circuit Champs in Am Perf Mares, Reserve Open Perf Mares and Reserve Novice Am Pleasure
Bringin Booty Back and Cherie Crivelli in the Am with Ryan in the Open won the Open Performance Mares and Open Ranch Riding Champs and Reserve Am Perf Mares
Phenomenal Intentions with Lana Farley, Lane Kail and Ryan Kail swept Yth, Am, and Open 3 Yr Old Geldings; winning unanimously and Grands. They came away with High Point Gelding in ALL divisions.
My Josette and Trent Searles and RYan Kail swept the Yth and Open 2 yr old Mares with all wins, all Grand Champions, and High Point Mare in both divisions.
Chute Moore Jazz and Jill Case had several wins in Novice Am Western Riding
Movin the Chains and Andrea Kail laid out consistently solid runs earning great placings in the green trail, green western riding, and senior pleasure!